Guests are always on the lookout for a hotel that can offer them the feeling of luxury and comfort that they can’t get at home. With that in mind, choosing the right commercial décor for your property couldn’t be more important. If you’re decorating your hotel, you need to consider which décor styles are likely to impress your clientele.

It can be all too easy to make an expensive mistake when selecting decorative items and styles for your hotel, and if you get it wrong, you could miss out on valuable business as guests are turned off by your unattractive rooms and public spaces.

So, how can you go about getting the décor right for your property, and how can you ensure that you give the right impression to your guests from the moment they step through your door? Here are our expert tips.

Opt For Neutrals

While some hotels manage to make bright colours work, that is definitely the exception rather than the rule. Contrasting feature walls, dated wallpapers and soft yellow shades are definitely things of the past. The best course of action for any savvy hotel-owner is to opt for neutral paint for a cohesive look throughout your property.

Natural tones and pale pastels are a safe and effective choice for adding style and contemporary appeal to both public spaces and guestrooms.

Modern and chic interiors which feel relaxing and warm are inviting to guests who may have spent a long day travelling or sightseeing and who are looking for a luxurious and welcoming place to spend the night. Contemporary style is paramount, but not at the expense of taste. A light colour palette will open up even dark or small spaces and will make your hotel an inviting place to be.

Forget Patterns

While we’re considering choosing neutral paints for your walls, it’s also important to steer away from patterns across linens, textiles and furnishings. Although you may fall into the trap of thinking that neutrals allow you to go to town on other elements of your décor, this can be a dangerous assumption.

All too often, busy patterns can look tacky and unsophisticated. Solid-coloured furniture, rugs, towels, curtains and bed linens immediately look higher quality, and you can’t beat a plush, white duvet for contemporary elegance.

Statement Lighting

Part of the décor of any hotel is its lighting. Get the lighting wrong and even the most beautiful room can appear stark and unattractive. Use warm LEDs for the most relaxing effect and choose the right light fittings to add contemporary appeal. Instead of ceiling fittings, consider hanging pendants on either side of the bed, or stylish wall sconces which add an uplit effect for a softer ambience in the room.

Follow these top tips for choosing your hotel décor and your guests will love the results. Stylish yet simple, contemporary and yet practical, these decoration ideas will inspire you to impress your guests and to make your property beautiful and elegant.